Brief introduction

Quantum technologies promise to dramatically boost our capability in secure communication, fast computation, precise metrology, and efficient simulation of quantum many-body systems. To harness the power of quantum technologies, it is crucial to characterize and verify quantum systems and quantum devices with a high precision. The problem is becoming more and more pressing in recent years as the system size increases, and traditional tomographic methods are too prohibitive to apply. Accordingly, Quantum Characterization, Verification, and Validation (QCVV) has become an active research field that aims to address this problem. New results and new challenges are popping out from time to time. So it is now a good time to gather experts and students together to discuss the latest development in this area. The workshop we plan to organize on Aug 23-25 in Shanghai may hopefully serve as a good platform to achieve this goal. The main interests of this workshop include (but not limited to)

➤ Efficient characterization and verification of multipartite quantum states

➤ Efficient characterization and verification of NISQ devices

➤ Efficient detection of quantum entanglement and other quantum features

➤ Efficient verification of quantum computation, simulation, and quantum networks

➤ Toolbox based on randomized measurements

➤ Quantum metrology

➤ Other related topics